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All LYF Facilities are within easy walking distance of the ashram (2-5 minutes walking distance). Our rooms are not co-gender. Once you have reserved a room, you will be placed in one of our four beautiful facilities and receive details via email. If you have any special needs (i.e. wheelchair access) or if you are interested in a longer term rental please click here to send us an email.

Click here to see room availability and to book your room!

When you click to see availability, you will be routed to our online reservation system to book a date, select what type of room you would prefer and submit your information. Please note that through our reservation system you are reserving a bed: Single refers to a room with one bed, Double refers to a room with two beds, and Triple refers to a room with three beds. Economy rooms (Economy single, Economy double, and Economy triple) are only available seasonally.

Our reservation manager will send you an email confirming your reservation.

Prices per bed are as follows, however, please note that prices may be reduced for courses. If you are participating in a course that has negotiated reduced prices for LYF Rentals, you will receive a course code when you sign up for the course and enter that information on your reservation form.

Click here to see room availability!

Singles $60.00
Double $40.00 per person (must book entire room to receive this rate)
Triple    $35.00 per person (must book entire room to receive this rate)
Married couple: $69 / night